Lowest Property Tax In Houston Area Houston Area ?'s?

Houston Area ?'s? - lowest property tax in houston area

Hello --

We are moving in the Houston area. I do not think living in the city, but close enough to enjoy, to see what the city has to offer.

In what areas we should be, what made near Houston, but far enough that we feel the city "small"?

We have cut a section of a school district quality and (hopefully) to property taxes in Houston.

Thanks in advance!


imaginary friend said...

Katy unincorporated and west of Houston, in good school districts near the city's attractions.

Cypress, North-West (Highway 290), the booming area, good schools.

Forests in the Metro North, but probably too far for most useful, is a planned community

Sugar Land and surrounding areas in South-West are good, but the pain was more experienced, and the rise in crime.

Not consider school districts, together with the limits of the city, so you can live in Houston and even in the suburbs with large schools.

Tax rates are not very different from the city to the suburbs, then compare the cost of travel by different tax rates. And remember, no matter where you live, you will take timein his car .... This city is huge and there is nothing "almost" LOL

Try the advice www.har.com neighborhoods, housing choice and school districts.

Cassie said...

Fort Bend County has the best schools ..... Sugarland correctly classified as the best city in the 3rd to live in the country ...... There are many small towns and subdivisions in the form of Ft Bend County ... It would be south on the highway. 59 of the center. It is only 20 minutes from downtown Houston.
I lived in Houston for 30 years and the area I lived in this case can not afford more of it ..... Headquartered in Houston school district and do not want ... unless you get in Bellaire (the cost of housing is astronomical) ... Most of my friends are still there .... Please do not hesitate to email me and I will do anything to it.
Someone suggested that the Katy area and I think it's a good situation, but iDon't know something about the school district?
The Woodlands "S-region is an hour away from the city and is so Magnolia ... I personally would not go in that direction (north of Houston)

houstonj... said...

Hello! I recommend that you look at Magnolia here in western Montgomery County.

Property taxes are low, good schools, usually quiet little village in the city. 20 + and a few miles north of the Mall FM-1960/Willowbrook

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions Thanks

signs4_h... said...

I lived in Houston for 3 years with the situation 5 years ago. It was even last year.
I lived in 1960 and Kuykendahl, which is across the border to Houston and Spring. I do not recommend it on the search. I began to fall when we went and displaced victims of Katrina did not help at all "to.
I would recommend Champion Forrest area (which I think is an address in Houston, could) in the spring. Also check out The Woodlands (which is both a city / sub-giant) and the area is slightly north of there. We were about to buy in the Cypress area. They have good schools and reasonable taxes. I recommend to check-out neighborhoods and Fairfield Fairhaven (which is where the house was purchased).
If you do not have an agent, I recco CiSft White Coldwell Banker in cypress. Was used to purchase and sell our house in Houston, and when we find accommodation in the last year. It's very nice to know everything, and Houston is also very good with children.
I clicked on the source site

From ABOVE said...

The south side of the city
Worldwide 288 Pearland, best doctors in 15 minutes and 18 minutes from downtown
Shodow Creek Ranch is the place where I live and it's great !!!!!!

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